Container Transportation in Russia

Railway or multimodal container transport in the Russian Federation with TEK Operator give you advantages, such as the best price at a distance of over 3000 km, year-round transportations and 100% cargo safety.

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We use a business model that allows you to maximize the use of outsourcing to the benefit of our customers. Therefore, we have competitive prices.

For efficient organization of container shipments, we use experience, partnerships, an intimate knowledge of the norms and rules, and specialized software, which together allows us to provide the highest quality service.

Container shipping features

  • delivery time is higher than by road;
  • container capacity is 75 m³ (for a eurotruck it is 90 m³).

Express container trains

There are advantages of express container trains, such as a quick delivery time, a tight schedule of shipments, and increased cargo safety, as the train goes without sorting along the way.

How is container transported

  1. A container is transported on vehicles to the loading warehouse.
  2. After loading a container is given to the railway terminal.
  3. Transportation of containers by rail can be provided in express container trains or in single shipments.
  4. After arrival at the destination station, a container is transported by truck to the consignee`s warehouse with sender`s seal.

Advantages of container transport with TEK Operator:

  • Increased safety of cargo;
  • Independence from weather conditions;
  • The best price for distances over 3000 km;
  • The transported weight of the cargo in a container is 25 tons.