Import Multimodal Transportation

The most demanded direction of import freight traffic, in which “TEK Operator” operates, is the delivery of cargoes from the countries of South-East Asia to the Russian Federation and the EAEU. We have been working in this area for more than 10 years.

If you are planning the first deliveries of imported goods from the countries of the region, you want to optimize logistics expenses, or you need an operator who will provide a full range of turnkey services, including documentary support of foreign economic activity and customs clearance, then we are pleased to offer our service.

Sea import container freight

Sea container transportation through the ports of the Far East

  1. Cargoes are shipped in containers by sea on FOB terms to Russian ports:
    • Vladivostok,
    • Vostochny,
    • Nakhodka.
  2. From the Russian ports, containers are delivered by rail or road to the consignee (to the warehouse).
The advantages of transporting this way:
  • short delivery time to Moscow, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk;
  • the best prices for shipments to these regions;
  • the best dates and prices for delivery to the regions east of Novosibirsk.

Container shipping through the Baltic and Black Sea ports

  1. Cargoes are shipped by sea on FOB terms to Russian ports:
    • St. Petersburg,
    • Novorossiysk,
    • Ust-Luga.
  2. Containers from Russian ports are delivered by road to final consignee (to the warehouse).
The advantages of transporting this way:
  • there are the best prices when cargo is shipped from the South ports of China, India, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand;
  • there are no strict requirements for packaging of goods.
  • the longest delivery time.

Rail transportation through Zabaikalsk

  1. Chinese shippers can send cargo in wagons and containers from Chinese stations to Russian stations.
  2. ВIn Zabaikalsk, there is a technological transfer of containers from Chinese wagons to Russian ones, as a result of which continuity of traffic is observed.
The advantages of transporting this way:
  • the fastest delivery of goods in containers from China to Russia;
  • cargo can be sent by rail from Chinese stations;
  • express container trains;
  • delivery time is shorter compared with sea freight;
  • a single transport document for cargoes.
  • the cost is higher than shipment by sea.
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