Project Cargo Transportation

Oversized cargo

  • Project cargo (separate production lines, entire plants).
  • Long and heavy loads, including building structures.
  • Equipment for fuel and energy complex enterprises and mining industry.
  • Special machinery.

The procedure for the transport of oversized cargo

  1. Planning of the optimal route of delivery, taking into account the characteristics of the goods, the interests of the sender and the recipient.
  2. Request and paperwork for special conditions of carriage.
  3. Development of the layout and attachment of cargo.
  4. Production and approval of drawings for mounting.
  5. Control over the manufacture of fasteners and lodgements.
  6. Control over the loading and placement of cargo on the vehicle.
  7. If necessary - the organization of protection and maintenance of cargo.
  8. Insurance all the way.
  9. Online monitoring of transportation with the provision of data to the customer in any convenient mode.
  10. Providing documentary and organizational support for import, export and transit transportation of oversized cargo.
  11. Prompt execution and provision of a full package of documents, including a detailed report on the transportation and delivery.
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